Connie Dobbs

& the Early Church of the SubGenius

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What is the History of
Early Church of the SubGenius?

The Church of the SubGenius began with 23 members in July 1953. The opportunity meeting, led by J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, was on Sunday, July 5, 1953, when the planned name for the group was the Church of the SubGenus. The name had changed to Church of the SubGenius by the first service held three weeks later on July 26, 1953. Both meetings were in Texas of the United States of America.

The Church began with 23 founding or charter members who met quietly in homes, often that of founding Church Secretary Constance "Connie" Marsh (later known as Connie Dobbs).  It was an intimate group that was enlightened by home Boble studies, sang from The SubGenius Hymnal, and enjoyed the traditional church potlucks and orgies. Church members also began the Home for Slackless Children to help kids get their Slack.

The Church grew to well over 700 members at its zenith.  After J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Connie Dobbs, Mandrake "JoX" Southcott XL, Kitten Anderson, and other Church members began Dobbstown in Malaysia, many members moved there.  Over time, many of the others moved, left, or became inactive. The last service of the original church was held on Saturday, October 11, 1975.

This was the beginning and the end of the Early Church of the SubGenius.